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Adrian Jones Schooldays at County
Alan Williams Three Dreams
Ann Davey Memories of Cambrian
Catherine Craven Crwydro
Catherine Craven Wandering
Daniel Bowen A Day in the Life of a Miner
Derek Andrews Three Dreams
Elaine Jones The Swimming Story
Emo Rowlands Friends of Dinas
Emo Rowlands Evan the Cobbler
Geoff Mead The Football Story
Geoff Mead The Naughty Boys Story
Geraint Rhys Davies Yr Arweinydd
Geraint Rhys Davies The Conductor
Gillian Hawtin The Art Story
Gillian Thomas Hiraeth
Graham John A Country Life
Graham John Boyhood in the Chapel
Graham John Being taught by Santos
Gwyn Evans Stormy Night
Gwyn Evans Coal Man
Gwyn Evans Teacher
Gwyn Evans Friday Afternoon
Helen Cole Tunnels Through Time
Hugh Baker The Start of My Journey
Ieuan Morgan The School Band
Irene Parlour Faith Never Failed
Irene Parlour Wartime Memories
Iris Oram WAPC Iris Knight
Iris Oram Oram & Sons
Jackie Davies Home
Jean Pike Thank You Mr Gibbs
John Bevan The Orchard Story
John Bevan The Television Story
Judith Stevens The Gas Lamp
June Legg Aberfan
Lawson Jones The Young, the Old and the Rhondda
Les Rees The Miners' Struggle
Lilian Hobbs Memories of Cambrian
Lilian Hobbs Miner's Wife
Lilwen Davies Memories
Lilwen Davies Singing in the Old Days
Margaret Thomas First Day at Work
Margaret Thomas Libraries in the Miners' Lives
Margaret Wiltshire The Party Story
Marilyn Watkins Evan the Cobbler
Marilyn Watkins The Tin Church
Marilyn Watkins Riverview
Marilyn Young The Autograph Story
Marilyn Young The Choir Story
Mavis McCarthy The Love & Hate Story
Michael Burley The Rhondda Tradition
Mildred Francis Memories of Cambrian
Nia Evans Mam Collins
Nia Evans Dead End Photos
Olwen Mikuz My Part in the Story
Pam Wiliams Evan the Cobbler
Pam Wiliams Spirit of Dinas
Pam Wiliams My Grandmother
Pam Wiliams Sounds of a Mining Childhood
Pam Wiliams Happy Times
Pat Anthony Memories of Guto
Pat Bevan The Orchard Story
Pat Bevan Sunday Dinners
Pat Bevan The Television Story
Patricia Jones A Stitch in Time
Sue Francis Cwtch
Terry Jones Evan the Cobbler
Terry Jones The Concrete Houses
Terry Jones Rhondda Summer
Year 5 Llwyncelyn Our Autograph Story
Year 5 Llwyncelyn Our Choir Story
Year 5 Llwyncelyn Llwyncelyn School 50 years on
Year 5 Llwyncelyn Our Orchard Story
Year 5 Llwyncelyn Our Party Story
Year 5 Llwyncelyn Our Sunday Dinner Story
Year 5 Llwyncelyn Our Nan Story
Year 5 Llwyncelyn Introducing Sian & Guto
Year 5 Llwyncelyn Sian & Guto of Llwyncelyn
Year 6 Penyrenglyn The Tardis, the Dream & the Mystery Machine



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