Rhondda Lives! Porth County & Ty Ddewi Stories


Porth County Community School

boys at work on computersHow would teenagers react to the clips, the stories and the idea that their heritage was of significance to them?

Three very able boys from Porth County Community School volunteered to take part in Rhondda Lives! They were initally unimpressed with the old, black-and-white footage but bacem more engaged as they wrote imaginary time traveller stories based on stills printed from the archive.

Once they had completed their stories, they asked to carry on, so they came up to Ty Ddewi to work with the residents there.

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Ty Ddewi Chapel Stories

Chapels feature prominently in the Rhondda landscape and in the archive footage, but as Rhondda Lives! neared its close, no stories of chapel life had emerged.

The librarians of Ton Pentre pointed out Ty Ddewi, the sheltered accomodation nearby, where many of the residents had chapel links. About ten of them attended a screening and storycircle, and three agreed to record stories of their chapel experiences.

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Chapel Friends '20s
Boy in Chapel
singing in chapel


Porth County and Ty Ddewi

Boys and Older people talkingTo accommodate the wish of the PCCS boys to make more films, a joint screening of their films and the chapel stories was arranged at Ty Ddewi. Afterwards, over tea and biscuits, the boys listened to all sorts of memories provoked by their films. Several more residents agreed to record their stories, which the boys put together. A few weeks later, everyone got together again for the older people to review the boys' work before the films were shown in a grand final screening in March 2009.

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