Rhondda Lives! Llwyncelyn Stories


Llwyncelyn Stories

The background

Unveiling Guto Nythbran Plaque 1958BBC Wales had uncovered silent footage of a school in 1958.


A little detective work identified the school as Ysgol Cymraeg Llwyncelyn, the Welsh medium primary school in Llwyncelyn, Porth.


Guot Nythbran plaque

In 1958, it was a secondary modern school, and the silent clip showed internal shots of the teachers and pupils preparing for the unveiling of a plaque in commemoration of the local hero, Guto Nythbran, with art work, wall displays and a choir.




School Hall 1958


The celebration itself was also shown, with a stage full of unknown celebrities and a full school hall.




The detective work

children assembling storiesThe school allowed the year 5s to investigate this clip. A former pupil gave us many leads, an announcement was placed in the local paper and the Year 5s hosted the screening of the clip to former pupils in Apri 2008.

The year 5s re-told the Guto story, assembled stories from the older people and made their own stories in response to these memories. The new stories were screened to a large audience in the school in July.


The older people

former pupils talking in schoolThe clip generated many memories. People found that as they pondered over it, more memories came to the fore.

They talked amongst themselves and the collective remembering drew them together, becoming a focus for the re-assembling of a previous community, a community that still existed but had dispersed. They organised a 50 year re-union in October 2008.


The younger people

Finishing Sian & Guto story

The stories also led the older people to realise that the youngsters had a lot in common with them and vice versa.

The youngsters gained a lot of IT skills and discovered they had much in common with people a lot older than themselves. They learned what their very own patch was like 50 years earlier.


Select a story theme

Setting the Scene Stories relating how the project in Llwyncelyn took place in 2008. teacher 1958
On That Day Stories describing the events shown in the clip and the events behind them and the children's responses to them. celebrity 1958 style
Those were the days Stories of life in school back in 1958. class of boys
Special Occasions Stories of other special events remembered after seeing the clip, and the children's present-day versions of such occasions. chocolate cake
Sport Stories by both a sport lover and a sport failure gym bars
The New Masterpiece The tale of Guto Nythbran told as never before Sian & Guto