Rhondda Lives! BBC Wales Stories


Stories from the BBC Wales workshop

The first Rhondda Lives! stories

Ten people had the chance to record their memories and choose old clips to complete their digital stories at a BBC Wales/Valleys Kids workshop in November 2007.

People who told tales that linked particularly well with the footage were identified, as were people who told their stories in captivating ways, and five man and five women from the length of the valley, aged 16-86, were invited to take part in the workshop. Five more people stood by in case anyone dropped out.

How the workshop worked

Storyteller directing BBC editorThe storytellers gathered for a storycircle to meet one another and re-tell their stories.

Their voices were recorded and they returned to oversee the addition of archive footage to complete their films.

The archive footage was the sole source of imagery for each of these stories.

The technological facilities and time constraints of the workshop did not allow each participant to video-edit their own story: the editing was performed by a video-editor from BBC Wales, but the storytellers directed the whole process, thus ensuring the appropriate selection of clips and allowing the storytellers an insight into the processes by which image and sound are joined for television, enhancing their media-literacy.

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Les Rees Catherine Craven
Patricia Jones