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Llanedeyrn, Llanrumney & Rumney High Schools

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Cardiff Libraries used the ‘Read a Million Words Together In Wales’ Scheme to commission work with thirty Year 7 boys with the aim of boosting the boys’ confidence in using words and encouraging creative writing. Staff in each of three different schools chose ten Year 7 boys to take part in the project.

The boys talked, read books, came up with a story, recorded it, played out the roles for their story in photo-shoots and learned the process of editing it into a final film. The films were screened in the separate schools and at a final joint celebration at the library.

Samantha Heale, Read a Million Words Together in Wales Library Coordinator says:

"The boys really enjoyed making the digital stories and are very proud of the films they have created. We are very pleased with the films, thank you Katrina."

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Johnny's Football Adventure

football kick


If you walked through Llanedeyrn, not surprisingly, you might hear the sound of a football bouncing, rolling along the ground or knocking against a wall.

But the football we’re talking about was strange, because it belonged to Johnny, and when you heard Johnny's football, you would never hear the sound of voices.
There’d be no cheers, no arguments, just silence. Not only that, however hard you tried, you’d never be able to find Johnny.

For Johnny always played alone. He’d learned his lesson very young:Football field he thought he was a rubbish footballer, a loser. Nobody wanted to play with him.....

So Johny had given up trying to be with us, he’d even given up watching us. He’d rather be alone than laughed at.

But he did carry on kicking in secret – at every possible moment he’d find a private spot and run through as many skills as he could. His feet wouldn’t let him stop. They needed to kick a ball.

One day, there’d been a flu outbreak in school and the PE teacher was so short of boys for the team he needed to put Johnny’s name down on the list.

It was a big match and we were guttefootball field againd. “Oh no, we’ll never win with him there,” I remember saying.
“Well, we’ll just have to play clean and not get injured,” replied one of the others.

The day dawned, and unfortunately (or was it fortunately) for Llanedeyrn, we did have injuries and one of us was sent off with a red card.

So with 5 minutes left to go, Johnny was running onto the pitch with the score at 1-1.
You can’t imagine the complaining.

The ref blew his whistle and……..
football in goal Johnny came from nowhere, ran down the left wing, did some step overs,  cut it inside and bent it into the top corner.

GOAL! What a screamer! The crowd went wild.  The final whistle blew. 2-1 to LLanedeyrn. SUCCESS, the 10 men of Llanedeyrn win!

Well, after that Johnny and I became true friends.  Johnny was spotted and went professional. And now we’re waiting in the Stadium. Shortly, the Welsh team will run out of the tunnel. Johnny’s playing for Wales. We’re all here to watch and cheer him on today. Good luck, Johnny.


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The Ghost of Henry MorganHenry Morgan Ghost in pub

As they walked home, the boys were arguing.
“It's nothing but rubbish,” said Harry.
“No, my uncle saw him in the bar,” said Glyn. “He told me. They had to stop Llanrumney Hall being a hotel because the ghosts made it too dangerous to sleep there.”
“Never,” Marcus replied, “That’s just a story they told 'cos they weren't making enough money.”
“Why don't we test it?” chipped in Kane. “Let’s go down tonight and see if we can find old Henry?”

The boys gasped, but they weren't chicken. So at 9pm they met above the pub.

Sneaking down the hill, they crept round the back until they saw a tiny grating at floor level.
They poked it gingerly.  Suddenly, it gave and they tumbled into darkness. 

Trembling, they stood in the silence. Harry was about to say, “Told you so,” when they heard the first creak. Then a whooshing sound. The noises grew stronger and scarier. The windows flapped. Odd lights flashed here and there. Then they came.....

As the creatures departed, there was Henry Morgan, playing darts. Petrified, they watched as he walked back, aiming his dart. Oh no, it wasn't just a triple 20, it was a real eyeball.

They all heaved and Henry Morgan turned, “Ah, you're here. That's what always happens to people who don't believe in me.” He took his shot. The ghosts around him faded in and out of sight, taking their turns.

“Now,” said Henry, as the game ended, Henry Morgan Ghost by door“A game of rugby? …... Rugby to the death?” As he spoke, he walked through the wall and, with a bump, the boys found themselves on the field in front of the pub. Before they even knew they had the ball, a ghost was tackling them. They started to run......and as they fled, lights appeared.

Glyn heard his uncle's voice, “Hi Lad, I didn't know you were joining us. Lovely to see you.” They fell in step with him, and as they rounded the corner of the pub they saw the notice, “Pirate Night, Fancy dress only.”
The boys looked at each other. They looked back at the field...

Does Henry Morgan still live.....?

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A Dream Come TrueFeet

Feet tapping with excitement, the four boys joined the queue and filed forward. They proudly showed their tickets and moonwalked to their seats in the front row.

They had only met a few months earlier. They'd all been loners, hanging round the streets, but one afternoon, they'd found themselves gazing through the television shop window.

Diversity had been on screen, smashing moves and break dancing amazingly. After that, they'd chilled together all the time, endlessly copying Diversity's moves and inventing new routines. They'd even given themselves a name, 'StepUpRumney'.

And tonight, their dream was about to come true;
they'd been given tickets to see Diversity perform live.

The place filled up as the clock ticked towards 7:30.countdown
By 7:35 people were looking at each another, slightly uncomfortable.
By 7:40 a slow chant had built up, “Diversity. Diversity. Diversity. Diversity.....”
By 7:45, the booing had begun and the DJs at the mixing desk were looking worried.
They could see the place getting wrecked. Then they spotted something and turned on the mike.

“Attention please. Quiet please.  Diversity may not be here yet, but we have a real treat for you tonight. Just watch this. You won't believe your eyes. You there in the front row...yes, you four with the crazy moves. Step up on stage. Do your stuff. You're sick.”

The boys looked at one another, their minds blown. Then the music began,
their bodies knew what to do and took over. 

The crowd went wild as they watched the stunning bone-crushing, moves.
As the last beat died away, they broke into thunderous applause, screaming for more. The boys didn't know what to do.

Feeling awkward, they saw two men coming onto the stage carrying papers.dancing

“We're from Dr. Dré Productions,” they said. “What do you say to a £50,000 contract?”

The boys looked at each other, utterly shocked.
With that money they'd be able to help all their families with their bills.

The men went on,
“We'll fix up some training and a tour for you.
Birmingham, Manchester and London already want you.
One year UK only to start with, but we'd like to extend it worldwide after that.”

To be continued......

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