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Tales of the unexpected


Green DVD ImageRoath Park Primary

Lion on animal wall

A Year Three class had the opportunity to develop a story from their reading of the poem 'The Animal Wall' by Gillian Clarke.


The children were all familiar with the stone animals who hang out near the castle.


Gillian kindly gave permission for the inclusion of portions of the poem in the final movie.




Green DVD ImageMarlborough Junior School

Handling a victorian book

A Year Five class visited Cardiff libraries' stacks to see items relating to the Victorians, their study topic.

They found a newspaper article describing a beacon bonfire that was lit to celebrate Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee at a spot very near to where their school is now.

The local studies section of the libraries kindly provided photographs from that date, the children dressed up and the story grew.




Further information about the old photographs was made into a bonus feature.



Green DVD ImageBuilding the stories

In each case, the classes were divided into different teams. Story-plotters, script-writers, voiceover artists, sound recordists, actors, photographers and video-editors worked in succession to contribute to the final result.

Green DVD Image


The stories were premiered as part of the closing ceremonies of the Made in Roath festival.


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